DIY Beeswax Wraps

DIY Beeswax Wraps

A plastic-free alternative to cling wrap, beeswax is all natural and will save you money as you can reuse it over and over again! They are so easy to make and only require a few supplies.

What You'll Need:

100% cotton fabric

Fabric scissors or pinking shears (pinking shears will reduce fraying)


Parchment paper



1. Cut fabric into squares. For my wraps, I cut 2 6.5in. squares and 2 12in. squares.

2. Turn on iron. Lay down a towel to protect work surface.

3. Tear a sheet of parchment paper, bigger than your fabric squares, and place on towel. On top of that, place one of your fabric squares. Sprinkle beeswax on fabric, enough that when it melts, it will cover the whole piece of fabric. You can always go back and add more beeswax.

3. Once beeswax has been sprinkled onto fabric, place another piece of parchment paper (again, needs to be bigger than fabric) on top.

4. Iron over the parchment paper until all beeswax is melted. Immediately peel off top piece of parchment paper, then peel off your fabric square. Be careful as it may be very hot. It will cool quickly, but I still like to hang it up to dry as shown below.

Maintaining your beeswax wraps:

  • To clean, use cold water and a small amount of dish soap.
  • Do not use on meat as wraps can't be washed thoroughly with hot water.
  • After a while, your wrap may need some reviving. Simply make sure it is clean, and then melt on more beeswax!
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