• Meet Your Farmers

    We are Jared and Kaitlyn Galloway - the husband and wife duo and owners of The Galloway Farm. We handmake all of our products right here on our farm with the help of our Nigerian Dwarf goats. They provide us with the milk to make your soap, lotion, and more so creamy and nourishing to your skin! We are thrilled to be able to share these quality skincare products with you.

  • Goat's milk has been known to restore and replenish moisture to hydrate dry skin, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It has the same pH as human skin, so no disturbing the skin's natural microbiome!

  • Goat's milk is packed with nutrients like fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals which work to repair the skin's natural barrier. The fatty acids also help remove dead skin cells, naturally exfoliating.

  • When goat's milk is paired with all-natural ingredients free of harsh substances that could potentially irritate the skin, you have a powerhouse combination of a skincare product! Your skin will thank you!

Summertime Skincare ⛱️

Summer means more exposure to the sun's UV rays, which means your skin needs extra care! Goat's milk soothes the skin, provides nourishment with vitamins and minerals, and helps to naturally exfoliate. Our high quality ingredients create a rich, thick cream that absorbs into the skin, working to repair, and is incredibly moisturizing. Available in pump bottles or jars for on the go!

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Not Just For Your Skin...

Goat's milk matches the skin's natural pH balance, maintaining a healthy balance of oil production on your scalp. Unlike some store-bought shampoos, ours won't strip away the natural oils in your hair. Not to mention it comes in a convenient bar - bye plastic!

*new and improved shape to fit seamlessly in your hand and prevent breaking apart easily*

Start Your Sourdough Journey Today!

Our dehydrated starter makes the process of having your own sourdough starter simple and easy. Ready to go in about 4 days, without the hassle of starting your own from scratch. All you need is flour and water. Be sure to check out our handmade jar and bowl covers as well! 100% cotton, double thickness, and made in North Carolina.

Kind Words

Recently tried the goats milk shampoo bar and lotion and gotta say they both work amazingly well! Love that they are both minimum ingredient with non toxic ingredients.

- adam r.

I started using the goat milk lotion about 2 ish months ago and I literally can’t say enough good things about it! My skin is so soft and no longer dry. I also started using it on my face after washing and I’ve noticed I’m not breaking out hardly at all now!


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