Honey Fermented Garlic

Honey Fermented Garlic

I wouldn't really call this a recipe, as there aren't any measurements and it's the easiest thing you could possibly do, but here are the instructions for and benefits of honey fermenting garlic - FREE jar labels included!

You'll need:

A jar

Garlic cloves, peeled

*Raw* honey



1. Place garlic cloves in jar, no more than a third of the way full.

2. Pour in honey, making sure it covers the garlic.

3. Close jar and let ferment for 1 month. 

4. Once garlic has fermented, you can eat it as is, add it into dishes, spread it on bread, etc. and use the honey as a glaze for your meal!

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Honey fermented garlic has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and immune-boosting properties that make this duo a staple during cold and flu season. They both are also known for being beneficial towards brain and heart health, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.


Reference: https://www.farmersalmanac.com/boost-your-immunity-with-fermented-garlic-honey

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